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I thought Anthony was just a silly cute boy but, little did i know he could sing!! I was watching the smosh video " Four years of Foreplay" i was not paying attention cause i was painting my nails. But, i heard the voice of an angel and i looked at my tablet in shock!! To my suprise it was Anthony! He sounds like the lead singer of the all american rejects! Anthony is like the total pakage i wish i was 10 years older to date him!!!! Check it out!

ya right he cant sing he sucks and he well he just plain sucks thee days grace is what you need to hear or akon

I'm sorry, when did you become an american idol judge? and technically EVERYONE CAN sing (unless they can't talk), it's just a I of if YOU think they sound good. And are you really one to insult Anthony because not only is he hilarious and gorgeous, he's pretty darn famous, so how about you go have your mommy kiss your boo-boos because I'm out.

i was on youtube looked his music up and his voice sounds like justin stupid beiber

1st of all HOW DARE YOU! 2nd of all, again, when did you become an american idol judge, because, honestly, Anthony's voice is like sound nutella so byeee