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10 weirdest criminals of all time [1/5]

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1. Man crashes into gas station, steals banana.
Cravings are powerful and they can make people desperate. This man had such a strong craving for a banana, that he resorted to theft. The man in question broke into a gas station by crashing his car through the front door. With the intention of stealing a single banana. He casually ate it, got back into the station wagon that he had rammed locked gas station doors with, And took of as if nothing happened at all.

2. Man tries to break into jail.
A man was charged with disorderly conduct and trespassing. Instead of being in prison, his sentence was time in a sobriety center and participation of a mental health program. What exactly did he do, you ask. Ironically he tried to break into a prison. The man was in a state of shock after his mothers passing, and in a drunken stupor, he decided to seek help in a prison. After he was turned away, he tried to sneak into the place. And was caught while attempting to jump over the fence.

The next part will be uploaded soon.