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Food Battle 2013!

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I'm fairly new to but I have been watching smosh on youtube for many years now (2007) and have seen almost all their videos, one of the things I was thinking of recently, was what should be in Food Battle 2013, like the food Anthony will use, weather or not Ian Will use the same old Pink Frosted Sprinkle Donut of something new, what battle should they have?

I have ideas of my own but I wanted to see what other people think.

P.S - I don't know weather or not this forum is noobish or whatever but I'm fairly new to the forums so, sorry if I'm being a noob :)

Ian's mom should come out of the grave at the end of the vid (Remember she died in 2012) and kill both Ian and Anthony.

I think Antony and Ian should both die from the announcer and his food.

Anthony should get a BLUE frosted sprinkled doughnut. Basically some sort of epic clone thing like sonic & shadow

I'm much better then Anthone or Ian. I'll beat them with my bowl of borscht.