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If Smosh made a "If Anime was Real" What animes would you like to see?

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Me personally if they were to do that, I would like to see Sailor Moon cuz she's AWESOME!!! LOL

XD Pretty please respond I like to know what you ppl think! :D

I don't know. I only know Pokemon and they already did 4 episode of "Pokemon in real life".

I would like to see Naruto or Naruto Shippuden, One piece, Pokemon,( Yes it is an anime LOOK IT UP), and thats it.

Death Note. or something famous that not only diehard anime fans recognize... Like you said, Sailor Moon or soemthing similar. I don't think pokemon would be good since they've already made fun of the games several times.

Wouldn't Wont them to make it as Not enoght people know what it is or what one's there are the only two I know is Pokemon and Naruto and I Don't watch Pokemon Much
So it would be a Bad Idea