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if u could would u have s*x with anthony or ian

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please pick ian and i will friend u

i would have sex with ian because he is so mother f*ckin hot

Naughty Reina!! Making a pervert thread like that, go stand in the naughty chair!! :P

Anthony..... definetly Anthony sorry reina :l

Neither. I wouldnt have s*x with them. But if I had to choose it would be Anthony because he is sexy.

Who the f*ck is saying IAN is so hot? He's cute but he is NOTHING compared to ANTHONY. Anthony is f*cking hot, the hottest guy I have ever seen, and he is a SEXY BEAST. It is unbelievable how hot he is. I didn't even know people could be that sexy until I saw him. He has YUMMY SEXINESS. And if you ask me, he should start doing more videos naked. ;)

Wow...if those two read through this it must be sooo awkward..