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smosh pit weekly shoutout

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IT would mean alot to my brother if u gave him a shoutout his birthday is on the 30th of Novembar his name is andrej(andrey) i posted the same thing on two of ur vids but i dont think ull notice sorry if i annoying to u or any1.i dont think ull notice this because soo many pepole are requesting shoutouts.thx

Hi Mari I was hoping you could say happy birthday to my bff Leah her b-days on the 26th of September and having you say it would make it all that more spacial!Please give her a shoutout it would mean the world to her! like your hair by the way!!

HEYYY MARI! big fan! everytime i watch ur vids i say wit it: SMOSHA PITA WEEKLY A OH!
i dont kno why... i'm weird like that.... tell ian ( he has a bowl haircut!) and anthony i said hi! oh and by the way... MILHOUSE ISN'T A FRICKEN MEME! :D PEACE OUT!