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what food do you think should be Anthonys favorite food in food battle 2012

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I think anthonys favorite food should be a hot dog

A hamberger! I am not on, otherwise my second choice is a hot dog, smosh, or is your episode 17 of "Ian is bored" ??? I do not find! Me who wanted to make a string in the order of your episode of Ian is bored! He told me in lack a! :( ( Sorry for the lack, i'm not fluent english )

I think Anthony should have STEAK for the next food battle!!!!!! Or if he is still going for the 'long and thin' items of food then the only one I can think of is... Breadsticks. ;^)

In all of the food battles... Anthony has had food with similar shapes...(If you know what I mean) why doesn't eh use his actual favourite food? Pizza!!! He loves it, and it would b funny to see what he could do with it...... Plus.... ANTHONY IS FIRETRUCKIN' AWESOME AND DESERVES A FIRETRUCKIN' AWESOME FOOD!!!