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what food do you think should be Anthonys favorite food in food battle 2012

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I think anthonys favorite food should be a hot dog

i think anthony's favourite food should be a purple frosted sprinkled doughnut! xx

A boxman cake xD
- I will make it to him

I really don't know mabye a blue or purple Doughnut xD or Taco he like them

Maybe Anthony's Favorite Food should be a Long Pink Sprinkled Donut so it's like Anthony Has like a tallywanker and Ian has little sprinkle Pussyy. Hahaha

I think Anthony's choice of food for food battle 2012 should either be cotton candy or baked lays chip!!!! *sigh* I am really in love with Anthony. His hair... his voice... OOPS!! did I say that aloud!!!! LOL!!!

A Hot diggity dog