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if you can take someones head and explode it who will it be

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you guys shoud pick a famous but,really hated person.For example,justin beiber no caps fuck him

If I esploded oishi's head she would be okay again in the next scene so

A famous person? Paris Hilton by all means, spoiled little punk brat she is. But in my life? A girl who has bullied me since the 6th grade...

to go along with jb
all of one direction (not that i "hate" them...i just dont want to hear their music anymore)
and kanye west (he can go eat a fish stick)

I'd want to esplode someone's head that would be better if they had an esploded head
I'm not sure who though

LMAO!!!! You don't like the banana guy?? He is kinda mean, but I find him funny for some reason LOL