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If you were a pokemon trainer, what type of pokemon would you train?

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Grass, water, fire, rock, ground, flying, normal, fighting, bug, ghost, psychic, poison, steel, electric, dragon, ice, or dark?! i think thats every type... anyway! what would you train and why, the reason could be strategic or because your favorite pokemon is the type, or even because the type kicks ass! Just give me a reason people!!!

I would train Ice-Type Pokemon, because a lot of times this summer, I have felt so very hot and needed something cold to feel. Ice-Type Pokemon are like living, breathing coolers. Also, think about that move, Sheer Cold. That makes Pokemon faint in one hit, (if it hits at all.)
Plain old ice is just boring to put in your hand or suck on, but these Ice-Types are just what the doctor ordered! I
PS: I feel like one of those telemarketers or something like that. Heh, funny.

Mudkips. Just Mudkips.

I'm kidding, in the games i try to have a few of each type rotating out between battles.