10 Alternative Activities For Your Weekend: V3

The weekend is here! Hooray! Sick of doing the same old things? Of' Course you are. We are too and that's why we did some research and came up with a few alternatives to your usual weekend activities. Make sure to take lots of pics!

Would you try any of these? Let us know in the comments!


Elephant Polo

Are you still playing regular horse polo? Wow. GET WITH THE TIMES. Elephants are where it's AT.


Ice Yachting

When you like yachting so much, you can't wait for water. These guys are hardcore!


Korean See Sawing

This is in South Korea. North Korea has outlawed fun.


Synchronized Ski Dancing

This sport has NO RULES. It's like living on the edge.


Lawn Mower Racing

For people who like doing their yard work really, really fast.


Wife Carrying

This is a real, not made up, sport that people do. Husband carrying has yet to catch on.


Scuba Soccer

Or, as they call it in England, Scuba Football. Silly Brits!


Underwater Hockey

Like regular Hokey, only the fights are with SHARKS.


Zorba Ball Racing

Fun, but best played away from cliffs.


Extreme Kayaking

I think I'll start with a little regular kayaking. Thanks.


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