10 Alternative Activities For Your Winter Weekend

Winter is pretty much here, and some people think this cuts down on their weekend activity options. Well, "some people" are freakin' jerks that don't know what they are talking about. There is PLENTY to do. Here are some suggestions.

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Ice Board Sailing

Love windsurfing, but can't wait till the water molecules in your area reach their melting point? This sport is for you!



You know you're sledding is going to be fun when they make you wear a helmet.


Ice Fishing

All the fun of fishing, but with the added thrill of freezing your butt off.


Redneck Ice Fishing

Who needs a shirt? Not Matthew Mcconaughey, and not you if you are going redneck ice fishing.


Extreme Ice Fishing

Pants optional. The most extreme fishing there is, until they invent a real life Gyarados


Speed Curling

When you don't have time for regular curling, try and get some quickie curling in...



Put on some snow shoes, and go out in the snow. This activitiy is EASY. It's lke wearing shoes.


Skeleton Racing

Ooops, wrong picture.


Skeleton Racing

It's face first on solid ice going 25 miles an hour. Skeleton a good way to break your skeleton.


Half Naked Flying

This can, and should, be done year round. Espeically if you look like this woman...


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