10 Best Anime Series Songs Of All Time

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Engrish, the language of anime songs and happiness. Let there be no confusion; you can have an amazing anime on your hands like Fullmetal Alchemist or Neon Genesis Evangelion and enjoy the music by association. But, there are truly some epic songs to come from anime that warrant their own cover band in tribute. Here are the best songs to ever appear in anime.


10. “Satsugai” – Detroit Metal City, Detroit Metal City

Seeing as Detroit Metal City is the Japanese equivalent of Detklok (or Detklok is really the American version of DMC) this song would likely be number one for many of you. I’m not a huge metal fan, but for those who thrash I salute you with its inclusion on this list.


9. “Wind” - Akeboshi , Naruto

Naruto has had many opening and ending themes in its gargantuan run but this has always been my favorite. It is beautiful quest music. I recommend putting it on when you’re just walking to the market up the street to feel like you’re about to accomplish something momentous.


8. “Waiting So Long” Silver Fins – Berserk

Like a psychedelic grunge song pulled through a swamp made of hurdy gurdies, “Waiting So Long” is one of the few ending themes I never skip even though it’s a low energy tune to transition with.


7. “Shiki No Uta” - Minmi , Samurai Champloo

Speaking of fantastic ending themes, Minmi brings a sassy beautiful punch to Samurai Champloo getting you pumped for the next episode. It’s exactly what you need to bolster your binge watching game.


6. “Inner Universe” – Origa and Yoko Kanno, Ghost In The Shell SAC

Yoko Kanno is the often imitated, never duplicated, genius composer behind some of the best music to be paired with anime and live action ever (you maaaay see her again on this list). For Inner Universe, the tech trippy opening theme to Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex she combines Russian, English and Latin to get you in the mood for an ol’ fashioned futuristic mindf$#%.


5. “Logos Naki World” – Yasushi Ishii, Hellsing

Put on “Logos Naki World” when you’re lounging around in a dark room with a cocktail and a mood for mischief. It won’t disappoint.


4. “Little Busters” – The Pillows, FLCL

5. Trigun end

Not to be confused with the Manga of the same name, “Little Busters” is just a great pop song matched with arguably the trippiest anime of all time. You should put it on your next mixtape.


3. “Battlecry” - Nujabes , Samurai Champloo

Hip Hop and the culture surrounding it is the backbone of Samurai Champloo and “Battlecry” is the aptly named opening taste for all the flavor to follow.


2. “Tell Me Why” - Penpals , Berserk

The perfect storm of what I look for in an opening theme for anime: bizarre English translations, 90s hooks, rocking guitars and an -albeit tenuous, thematic link to the themes of the show. A lot of people would argue that “Forces” is more in line with the mood but the heart wants what it wants.


1. “Tank!” – Yoko Kanno and The Seatbelts, Cowboy Bebop

Just assume #1 is shared with the entire score of Cowboy Bebop with “Tank!” as the freak-out bebop cherry on top. Kanno is at the height of her sonic powers with this exilirating composition. It not only gets you frothing with excitement for the show it immediately takes you out of your real folk blues so you’re ready to boogie woogie feng shui with Spike and his crew.


What song would make your list? Let me know in the comments!

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