10 Places Not To Hold A Baby

Earlier this week I saw a woman holding her baby while jaywalking on a busy street and wearing iPod headphones.

It made me realize that there are some places that you just shouldn’t be holding a baby. While jaywalking and listening to music for example.

Or while hanging out on a balcony...

Especially not OVER the balcony.

And these places as well:


1. On A Dingo Farm

Baby might get dingo-y.


2. At A Juggalo Family Reunion

Baby might get all face painty.


3. Laser Tag Regional Semi-Finals

Baby might get all lasery.


4. During A Jedi Duel

Baby might get lightsabery.


5. The Post Apocalyptic Future

Baby might get all dusty.


6. Superman The Roller Coaster

Baby might get all roller coastery.


7. On A Moon Walk

Baby might get all spacey.


8. While Hang Gliding

Baby might get all windy.


9. During A Shark Dive

Baby might get all gobbled-uppy.


10. Operating A Heavy-Lifting Exo-Suit

Baby might get all exo-suity.


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