10 Places We Would Like to See the Real World Cast Live

MTV just announced it will film at least two more seasons of The Real World.

That makes it the longest-running reality show ever. The cast is currently acting up in Sin City, but where will they go for the next two seasons? We think it's time they really made things interesting. I mean, anyone can have fun in Vegas... trying having fun in some of these places!


1. Nome, Alaska

Wouldn’t be hilarious if the new cast of bimbos thought they were on their way to Spring Break in Cabo, only to get off the plane in Nome, Alaska? They would soon realize their suitcases full of bikinis are useless as they all cuddle together in their igloo to stay warm.


2. Guantanamo Bay

Every year one of the cast members gets in a drunken fight or starts pushing the other roommates around for no good reason. Nothing gets someone in check like a stay at the Guantanamo Bay military base in Cuba. The seven roommates will quickly realize sharing the showers isn’t quite as cool or sexy when terrorists and criminals are playing "hide the soap" with you.


3. The White House

Real World pads are always decked out and super-sweet, but none of them top the White House. Putting whoopee cushions on President Obama’s chair in the Oval Office and doing keg stands on the lawn would be the norm. Plus, if anyone starts arguing over dirty dishes in the sink, the secret service will silence them.


4. On tour with Justin Bieber

Being Justin Bieber is hard work. Not only does he have to make sure his hair is perfect 24/7 but he is constantly running from crazy female fans and posting Twitter updates. When the cast finds out they will be spending the next three months on Justin’s tour bus they think it will be a blast hanging out with Usher and bagging Justin’s reject groupies, but they soon find out Justin has a temper if he doesn’t get his Sour Patch Kids first thing in the morning. No one ever says “Never” to the Biebs.


5. Mount Saint Helens

It’s not really a surprise that MTV tends to pick the most in shape girls and buff guys to hang out at in the Real World house. I mean, who wants to watch ugly people fight and get it on? MTV should turn the show into something more like Survivor. Instead of interning at a famous Las Vegas hotel, the group will be airlifted into the Mount St. Helens volcano and have to find their way out using only a walking stick, duct tape and their rock-hard abs.


6. Alcatraz Island

Gangsters like Al Capone couldn’t even figure out a way to get off the “The Rock” so there’s no way that the dumb a**es MTV finds will be able to figure it out. It will be fun watching them try to escape while they start to slowly go crazy being able to hear people partying and drinking across the bay in San Francisco.


7. On The Space Shuttle

I say we blast these guys into space with 100 cases of Four Loko... and LEAVE THEM THERE.


8. Tatooine

The cast can’t believe that they’re going to be bartenders at the canteen on the planet Tatooine. One of the girls falls for Han Solo while another cast member has to fend off Death Star recruiters. They’ll make the most of the job until they realize nothing comes between an alien and his laser gun.


9. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

It’s a 24-7 party at Hogwarts when the roommates find out they will intern as wizards for a summer. When they are not learning magical hangover cures, they are pranking the teaching staff, taking other students Quidditch broomsticks on joy rides and throwing all-night dorm parties with Harry Potter.


10. Chuck Norris’ House

If any of these punks try to get sassy, Chuck Norris will roundhouse kick them.

Where else would you like to see MTV send the Real World cast? Tell us in the comments below!