10 Smoshingly Good Acronyms

WTF, FML, STFU, GFY, ADHD…acronyms make life so much easier! Instead of sharing your feelings, you can punch in a couple of letters and express yourself in clever, time-saving internet acronyms.


We're kind of bored with the ones out there, so we thought we'd see if we could come up with a few more exciting ones that our readers can use every day.


1. WTFT – What The FireTruck???

WTF is the universal acronym for “Wait! What the f*ck just happened here?!?” But Jesus doesn’t like it when you use swear words. As Smosh readers know, it makes Him happy when people say “firetruck” instead of the eff word.

From now on, you’d normally say WTF, say WTFT instead and see how long it takes people to notice. When they ask you what the extra T is for, refuse to tell them and cackle mysteriously. Bonus points for saying STFTU instead of STFU!


2. WWIAD – What Would Ian & Anthony Do?

Whenever you’re in doubt of the best course of action, ask yourself, “What would Ian and Anthony do?” Then do the exact opposite. If you want someone to do the opposite of what they’re doing, say WWIAD. When the person asks what it stands for, tell them they aren’t cool enough to know.


3. JBISG – Justin Bieber Is So Gay!

Being gay is cool, but being Justin Bieber is not. The next time you see someone throwing a hissy fit over something really stupid, like smudging their lip gloss, you and your GFs can roll your eyes and say JBISG.


4. THU – Twilight Haters Unite

The world is divided into two groups—and not Team Jacob and Team Edward. No, there are (sane) people who hate Twilight and (self-loathing goth) people who think sparkly vampires are the coolest thing ever.

There always seems to be at least one Twilight fangirl at every party, just dying to tell you all about how she wishes she could move to Fork. When you see her approach, text THU to your friends so they'll toss you a crucifix.


5. IBS – I’ve Been Slimed!

When someone does something really crappy to you for no particular reason, you’ve been slimed. Text IBS, and Bill Murray will rush over with an Ecto-Containment Unit and trap, remove and store the slimer.


6. PMS – Protect Me Smosh!

When the Bat Signal is broken, turn to Smosh for help. Our superpowers are legendary! If you’ve been the victim of ultimate evil, just text PMS, and Ian and Anthony will go kung-fu on that evil’s ass. But only once a month…


7. HGH – Haterz Gonna Hate

Why do haters hate? You might as well ask why Anakin was doomed to follow the Dark Side … things are the way they are because that’s the way they are. When you see a hater hatin’, all you can do is shrug and say "HGH." They’re gonna hate, but you don’t have to be hatin’ that they hate.


8. IST – I Stumbled It

Yeah, you saw something you thought was funny so you Liked it on FB. BFD. Anyone can do that.

Hardcore people know that when you see something awesome beyond awesomeness, you’ve gotta Stumble it so others can take note of your amazing powers of awesomeness-spotting.

The next time you and your homies are texting each other about the hottie who just walked by, say ISI and your buds will know that you did, indeed, spot the awesomeness…and you Like it.


9. MIC – Meanwhile, In Canada

Nothing ever happens in Canada. Nothing. Ever. You can walk for days and hear nothing except bears yawning and crickets chirping. You’re bored, and the noise is driving you mad.

It’s the same feeling as when you’re stuck listening to stoners drone on and on about why pot should be legalized or to delusional Republicans try to explain why Sarah Palin would make a great president … blah, blah, blah … MIC …


10. NOCYWF – No One Cares You Were First

One of the great mysteries of life is why people take so much pride in being the first person to comment on a post. We have news for you: NOCYWF!!!!! You’re still a tool.

What do you think about our new acronyms? Are you going to use them every day?


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