10 Ultimate Real Life Man Vs. Food Challenges

Have you ever been so hungry you could eat an entire pizza all by yourself? Or have fifty Buffalo wings without stopping? It's one thing to think it... it's another thing to actually do it.

On the show Man v. Food, Adam Richman goes around the country taking on big food challenges.

Have you seen this show? This guy has put on like 50 lbs since the show started. It's a horrible way to live your life, but a big food challenge might be fun to try once in a while. Here are the best ones in the US!


1. Texas Donut - Round Rock Donuts in Round Rock, TX

This artery clogger is made with just the right amount of "fluffy dough and sweet glaze" and you can clearly see how big it is. This 2 pounder is equivalent of eating about a dozen donuts... which I actually feel I could do. I like a food challenge that I could conquer!


2. 15 Dozen Club - Acme Oyster House at various locations throughout Louisiana

At first this challenge might seem easier than the others but look at the stats – only 28 out of 150 people have actually finished it. Those odds aren’t good but if you’re still up to try sit down and be ready to swallow 180 slimy oysters!


3. Pho Garden - Pho Garden in San Francisco, California

San Francisco is known for its diverse food options and Pho Garden restaurant will give you a cultural kick in the pants with this challenge. Combining three bowls of pho in one GIANT bowl this concoction is made up of two pounds of noodles and beef. Put 60 minutes on the clock and get ready to slurp your way to the “Wall of Champions” conveniently located in the bathroom.


4. Nascar Burrito Challenge - Las Vegas, Nevada

The next time you’re in Las Vegas, head to the Nascar Café to take on the Nascar Burrito Challenge. Finish a six-pound burrito and you win an unlimited rides on their Speed Roller Coaster. Just don’t be offended if no one wants to ride with you after downing all those beans! I think that this is EXACTLY why God invented Beano.


5. The Ultimate Slider Challenge - Chompie’s restaurants in Arizona

Richman couldn’t even get through this massive challenge and he’s a trained eating professional! If you can get through 12 Jewish sliders full of beef brisket, potato pancakes and Jack cheese and onion strings in 30 minutes or less, you deserve a major pat on the back... or at least someone should offer to hold your hair back while you puke.


6. Godzilla Roll - Sushi Delight in Lomita, California

If you can finish this challenge before the rice starts to expand in your stomach than you probably can take on the real Godzilla. The Godzilla Roll isn’t your average sushi roll – its four pounds of delicious seafood delights rolled into one. Combining lobster, crab, spicy tuna and 15 other ingredients and three sauces this roll is only for the most die-hard sushi fans.


7. Sarge Burger Challenge - Pig N’ Chik in Sherwood, Arkansas

There are lots of burger challenges throughout the country, but the Sarge burger challenge in Arkansas intrigues us the most because a guy named Sarge was the only person to EVER finish it. If you can gobble up a four-pound hamburger sandwiched between a one-pound bun in less than 30 minutes, they might have to rename the burger after you.


8. The Pancake Challenge - Seiad Valley Story and Café in Seiad Valley, California

If you have more of a sweet tooth in the morning the” Pancake Challenge” is for you. That is, if your teeth don’t rot from all that sugar. Successfully eat five pounds of pancakes with syrup and butter in under two hours and your meal is free.


9. Ultimate Destroyer - Papa Bob’s Bar-B-Que in Bonner Springs, Kansas

This 12-inch sandwich is filled with half a pound of pork and pulled pork and will probably give you giant tummy ache but the bragging rights once you finish it will be sweet my friend.


10. Mt. Olympus Burger - Clinton Station Diner in Clinton, New Jersey

You and your 4 best friends can finish the 50-pound burger in three hours or less... It's free! If not be prepared to fork over about $150 PLUS TIP!

To read about more belly-busting challenges check out THIS SITE

This makes me want to plan a road trip! Who's in?

Is anyone else drooling right now? What do you think would make a good food challenge? Have you ever taken on a food challenge? Who won? Man or food? Let us know.

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