100 Year Old 'Gaming Granny' Stays Sharp Playing Nintendo DS

With all the news stories out there about how video games make you kill, make you dead or make you no longer appreciate that it's a beautiful day outside, FINALLY a story about gaming that is not only positive, but heartwarming as well. Meet Kathleen 'Kit' Connell. A 100-year-old Nintendo DS fanatic and world's coolest granny. Sorry Nana, but if I have to play one more game of checkers with you imma have to cry.


Kit received her first DS at the rip old age of 96 and has been hooked ever since! She plays mostly cerebral-type games, her favorite being one called Brain Training. She proudly boasts that according to that game her mental age is 64.Awesome!  Whenever she's feeling a little forgetful, she gets on her DS and claims that it actually improves her mental acuity. She's even doing what she can to encourage video game use among youngsters to help improve their math and spelling skills.  She's kind of like the patron saint of girl gamers, am I right?  Badass-ness knows no age or gender, people.



And it looks like Kit is really onto something here. Just last week a report was released out of the University of California, stating that  regular cerebral stimulation can help delay brain disorders such as Alzheimer's Disease. Right on, Kit!  I love me some badass grannies! Although some of them scare the crap out of me. This granny looks like she's racked up some serious killstreak rewards.


Here's a look at Kit explaining her love of gaming. Prepare to fall in love!

What do you think of the gaming granny? Do you think you'll still be gaming at 100?  Let me know @desijedeikin or in the comments below!

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