11 Alternative Activities For Your Weekend: V2

The weekeend is here, but are you tired of doing the usual stuff? Answer, YES YOU ARE. How about you go outside and try something new? Here are a few suggestions...


Caber Tossing

A caber is a big pole. In Scotland, they think it's fun to toss them. Grab your man-skirt, and tell mom you're headed out to toss a huge pole!


Land Boat Racing

Buying a boat is like a million dollars, and you probalby have to take the time to learn how to swim. If you don't have the time or money for regular yahting, try doing it on land.


Volcano Boarding

This sport is So extreme, you have to talk about it using the word X-TREME. Just make sure you are on the SIDE of the volcano. Boarding directly into the volcano will result in a firey death, AND a $200 fine.


Air Kicking

This device launches you like a catapult. Unlike Land Boat Racing, you really should try this one near water.


Hand Fishing

What? You need a fishing pole and a net? GET IN THERE AND CATCH THOSE FISH LIKE A MAN. With your BARE HANDS! (Ladies can do this too)


Pig Racing

Pigs are curious, intelligent animals that are normally used for food. But sometimes, we also make them race! The loser is breakfast. Yum!


Climb A Buliding With French Spider-man Alain Robert

This guy climbs up the sides of bulidings with his bare hands, but it must get lonely up there. Why don't you join him? It can't be that hard. You've been working out, right?



This one requires a friend, but if you have a jousting outfit, you should have no problem making friends.


Playing Dead At A Civil War Reenactment

This one is a little more relaxing. Just put on a costume, lay down in a field, and pretend you just met a bloddy death the hands of some dude who loves owning slaves.


Limbo Skating

Lots of peole can roller skate. But have you tried roller skating UNDER things? I say start with skating under trucks, and work down to buses.


Pumpkin Boat Power Racing


This one is seasonal. All you need is a giant pumpkin and a boat motor. I think it helps if you are German. Also, the sport is SO fun, that the video freezes halfway through!

Which of these look fun? What are YOU doing this weekend? Let us know in the comments!


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