11 Most Awkward Movies To Watch With Your Parents

When it comes to family movie night, there are some flicks you should avoid watching with your parents at all costs. Otherwise you’ll get stuck having an awkward post-movie chat about some VERY uncomfortable topics. Here’s my list of 11 movies that will always be embarrassing to watch with your mom and dad no matter how old you are.


11. Superbad


This movie is totally laugh-out-loud funny, but things could get weird quickly if you’re watching it with your folks. You don’t want them to know what you and your friends really talk about do you?


10. Burlesque


I’m not sure what’s more awkward – watching Christina Aguilera gyrate all over the screen while your dad is sitting next to you or seeing Cher’s face literally start to melt as she half-acts through this entire mess of a movie.


9. Love And Other Drugs


Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal really like each other in this movie – and I mean a lot. They literally spend half the time jumping into bed together and Anne has a real problem keeping her shirt on. I don’t care how old you are, watching hook up scenes when your parents are in the room will make you turn red every time!


8. Tropic Thunder


The mouths on these boys would make a sailor blush. If your mom is a stickler about cussing then steer clear of this comedy – there’s more F-bombs than funny jokes.


7. Boogie Nights


This movie is about a drug-addicted porn star – not exactly family movie night material.


6. Showgirls


It’s a story about a girl who just wants to follow her dreams…her dreams of becoming a Las Vegas showgirl.


5. Zack And Miri Make A Porno



It’s probably best to avoid any movie with the word “porno” in the title when your mom wants to catch a flick with you.


4. Requiem for A Dream


There’s nothing like intravenous drugs and poor life choices to make you want to turn off the TV and give both your parents a big hug.


3. American Psycho


Christian Bale spends the entire flick killing innocent people in crazy ways. Return this DVD ASAP and get Toy Story 3 instead. There’s no way toys could offend your family.


2. Secretary


If you thought having the birds and the bees talk with your parents was awkward, try having a conversation with them after watching a movie about two people who only love each other when they’re participating in S & M.




This movie is awkward to watch alone let alone with the people who gave birth to you! Bruno’s antics are over-the-top funny, but some scenes can get a little too crazy to watch with your folks. 

What’s the most awkward movie you watched with your parents? What’s a movie your whole family can watch together? Let us know in the comments!

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