12 Extremely Odd (But Very Real) Energy Drinks

Energy Drinks will use any means necessary to market their product to you. Since all of these drinks do basically the same thing, drink makers rely on crazy can concepts, weird names and slogans, and sometimes fully inappropriate innuendo to set themselves apart. Here are some of the absolute strangest energy drinks that are out there today. Drink up:

weird energy drink ice x
Hands down the weirdest part of this drink is the Austrian flag above a slogan that says "I Feel Good!"


weird energy drink blood
"Similar nutritional content to natural blood. Not for use intravenously or in transfusions. People's blood isn't for drinking, but this is." THANKS FOR CLARIFYING THAT FOR US!


weird energy drink 2pac
I hope they ONLY sell these in two packs.


weird energy drink ejac


weird energy drink duracell
Yeah, cause when I think "things I want to drink", my first thought is "stuff that comes out of a f*ckin battery".


weird energy drink faker
This is a VERY aggressive marketing strategy. Almost too much so, some might say.


weird energy drink zombie
You know what might have saved these marketers the time of specifying that their drink is NOT ACTUALLY a BIOHAZARD? Simply NOT HAVING A GIANT BIOHAZARD SYMBOL ON THE BAG.


weird energy drink quagmire
HOT TIP: If someone offers you this drink, that person is probably a sexual predator.


weird energy drink bear


weird energy drink spike
"Never Exceed One Can Daily. Read Entire Label Before Drinking." The ENTIRE label? Jeez. That's a lot of reading. I'm gonna need a LOT of energy to do that. Better drink six of these just to make sure I'm prepared.


weird energy drink yeah
This isn't your energy drink. It is that man on the can's energy drink. And he looks that pissed off cause you took it. And he wants it back. Run.


weird energy drink cocaine
Yup. That checks out. Nothing to see here.


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