5 Crazy Feuds Between the Biggest Disney Channel Stars

Millions of kids grew up watching Disney Channel shows, and the stars of those shows truly became part of our lives. That's why Miley ruined so many childhoods when she started getting naked and licking everything. Not little Miley Stewart!

Part of the appeal of these shows was that all the stars seemed like they were in this super fun club together. We thought of them not just as actors in roles, but as best friends in real life as well. Well, that's not really the case. In fact, things have gotten very un-Disney like between some of them.


Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato

disney celebrity feuds selena gome demi lovato

WHAT? But these Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato put the "B" in "BFF"! They were adorable! They were on Barney together for crying out loud! Some people even called them Delena, they were so tight (but not me because that's dumb).

The first signs of trouble between the girls was when Selena started hanging non-stop with Taylor Swift. Demi was signing autographs at the time, and a fan said, "How's Selena?" and Demi responded, "Ask Taylor". Ouch. Selena and Demi seemed to make-up post Bieber break-up. Recently, Demi tweeted a few odd Tweets and then unfollowed Selena on Twitter, followed by this:

Uh oh. Now everyone is wondering if the duo is on the rocks again. I hope their friendship survives. Haven't Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber done enough damage to the world!?


Raven-Symoné and The Cheetah Girls

disney celebrity feuds cheetah girls Raven-Symoné

Things got ugly when Raven didn't appear in the third Cheetah Girls movie. Here's what she had to say about it: "It was weird, putting together young women our ages — 19 to 22 — one of whom had not been in the mix. I'll be honest. There were territorial issues. There were cat fights. It was not all peaches and cream off camera." Cheetah Girls having cat fights? That ... makes perfect sense actually.

It makes sense that resentment would build when one girl in a group is a way bigger star than the others. It happened to me once when a guy at Pinkberry gave me a free upgraded topping — I thought he had a crush, and my friends thought it was a mistake. Haters gonna hate, I guess.


Jake T. Austin and Selena Gomez

disney celebrity feuds

When Selena decided to quit Wizards of Waverly Place back in 2013, Jake was not too happy about it. And that makes sense — everyone has to lose their jobs so Selena can find herself as an artist? Jake wasn't having Selena's excuse that she wanted to move into more grown up roles and tweeted, "When an artists’ definition of ‘growing with their fans’ is creating content they aren’t even allowed to see…" OH SNAP! It's always a rude awakening when your little brother fights back! And I have to give props to Jake, because that is a damn fine burn!


Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas

disney celebrity feuds miley cyrus nick jonas

Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas had a really bad breakup back in 2008. It was so bad, in fact, that it inspired both of them to make some crappy music about it. Miley infamously used things Nick had given her in her video for "7 Things". There still seems to be a little tension, as Nick recently gave Miley's 2013 VMA performance a back-handed compliment when he said, “She’s smart. She’s very smart. We’ve always known that about her. She’ll always be successful. [The performance] was funny — I was laughing." Not sure if that was what she was going for, but I have to agree. I laughed too. When I wasn't cringing.


Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez

disney celebrity feuds miley cyrus selena gomez

Oh, it's goin' down with these two! Rumor is the drama started over a boy — Nick Jonas (see above). Oy. I could see Joe, but Nick? At least it wasn't Kevin. He'd definitely be my 'kill' in a Jonas-themed Eff/Marry/Kill, but I digress.

Apparently things got ugly between Selena and Miley after Miley broke up with Nick and Selena started dating him. I hate to take Miley's side in anything, but you do NOT date your friend's ex. And Miley is still pissed about it too — at a recent concert, a fan threw a cardboard cut out of Selena on stage and Miley sang to the the cardboard Selena, "I don't really have much to say, I was over it the second that I saw her name. I've got two letters for you, one of them is f and other one's u." I just noticed that Selena is in three of these feuds. Maybe she's not as sweet and innocent as she seems? She seems to make a lot of bad calls. And suddenly, the whole Selena/Bieber thing makes a lot of sense.

Which one do you think is the most surprising? Let me know @desijedeikin or in the comments below!


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