6 Celebrities And The Superheroes They're Most Like!

Real heroes exist in everyday life. Firefighters, public defenders, and doctors in free clinics, all people who do important work for little attention. They do the things they do because they’re the right thing, not because they’re flashy or impressive. So who cares! We look up to people who get the attention. Celebrities do very little, and we love them! Superheroes aren’t even real, and we LOVE them. With that, here are six celebrities, and super heroes they’re most similar to:


Idris Elba & Bane

They’re both physically and intellectually intimidating, and came as close as anyone to defeating their arch nemesis (Bane with Batman, Idris Elba with Detective McNulty.) The only difference is that Idris Elba has a tired sounding English accent, whereas Bane sounds like he’s talking through your high school’s PA system.


Justin Bieber & Dazzler

Same sh*tty haircut, same sh*tty music.


Danny Devito & Wolverine

People often forget that Wolverine is maybe the shortest of all the Marvel characters. Well, Celebrities don’t come much shorter than Danny Devito. To be honest, this is more of a “Celebrity most similar to a Superhero who has packed it in and retired.”


Mel Gibson & Parallax-era Green Lantern

We all loved this guy! We had history with him, he was a charming movie star/Superhero who we all remembered fondly (maybe he was a little weird, with the whole weakness to yellow/being Australian thing). But then he gets a little old, has a few personal problems, and it turns out he’s a real piece of sh*t. Bummer.


All Country Music Singer & Captain America

They may not have the superhuman strength or agility, but nobody screams “I’m from America, damn it!” like guys who sing country music.


Will Smith & Superman

Like Superman, Will Smith is so handsome and charming, his life seemingly so perfect, that you just want to call him and yell “We get it, you’re the best, STOP RUBBING IT IN!!!”


Rupert Murdoch & J. Jonah Jameson

Sure, J. Jonah Jameson isn’t technically a super hero, but Rupert Murdoch isn’t technically a celebrity, so it all works out. Both are newspaper men whose newspapers are pretty much just tabloids and they both engage in dirty tactics to get the story they want. Also, both huge jerks.


Any other Celebrities that remind you of Superheroes? Blab about it in the comments!


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