6 Most Aspirational Movies of All Time

Most young ladies like myself aspire to be film characters like Hermoine Granger, or Princess Peach, or Precious.

Not me! My role models in movies are chicks that take what they want and have a blast while doing it, whatever the cost!

The six films here represent six possible paths I would like my life to take in my ultimate fantasies.

1. Vampire She-Devils

The title says it all! Being a Vampire She-Devil would be so rocking! I could suck blood and do devilish things all night long and then sleep in my She-Devil coffin during the day. How cool would that be?

2. Slaves in Bondage

Okay, so this might throw you for a loop knowing me as you do, but sometimes I think about being a slave-girl in Egypt millions of years ago. Or something like that. And I think the bondage part is meant figuratively as in enslaved -- not tied up. Although we could try that too. ;-)

3. Super Trash

Who doesn’t want to be a little trashy sometimes? And I say, if you’re gonna go for it, go all the way. Be Super Trash! Also, I think this one was directed by a Frenchman. I love French. Parlez vous Francais?

4. Girls on the Loose

Any movie that has the log line: “Girl Gangs That Stop At Nothing!” is going to have some inspirational characters. I would like to grow up someday and become one of the girls on the loose and be unstoppable. I especially liked Lois. She’s the one with the bloody switchblade.

5. Sisterhood of Sin

I am an only child and I have always dreamed of having sisters that would follow me around and recognize me as their leader in our Sisterhood of Sin. We would have a great motto for our Sisterhood like these girls do: “God help any man who gets in their way!” How cool is that?

6. Lesbian Vampire Killers

I am not sure how I feel about the whole Lesbian thing, I could go either way. But I guess if I had to be a Lesbian like the girls in this film and I got to hunt Vampires, then maybe I would do it. Let's slay some vampires!

I might even get a piercing like the girl on the poster. Gosh, I can’t wait to grow up!

If Movies Were Real!