6 Movie Franchises That Failed To Pass The Torch

So, you’re a newly appointed high-priced movie studio boss and you need a quick hit to validate your job. What do you do? Hire a talented writer-director team? Find Hollywood’s next starlet to build a career around? Ever better: Go through the studio’s already established hits and revive them with fresh faced actors replacing the old ones. Sound good? Nope. Here are examples where this formula has failed. Here are 6 Movies Franchises That Failed To Pass The Torch to the next generation.


6. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Harrison Ford is getting to the point where he soils his drawers every time he cracks a whip. Time to bring in a long lost son: Leather clad Shia LaBeouf who motorcycled and sword fighted his way into our hearts. Fail!


5. Blade: Trinity

So, with the movie’s main star (Wesley Snipes) spending the rest of his life behind bars for tax evasion... it's time to bring in not one, but TWO replacement actors to slice up any future “suck heads”. Green Lantern himself Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Biel (who couldn’t do enough stomach crunches to ensure we’d see another Blade film again.)


4. Son of the Mask

Somebody must’ve been “Smooookin’” something when they greenlit handing over the Mask movies from Jim Carrey to Malibu’s Most Wanted star Jamie Kennedy who midway through the film hands the franchise over to a CG baby.


3. Dumb and Dumberer

When Harry Met Lloyd: Another Jim Carrey movie that was buried upside down and peed on. Try and guess the names of the guys replacing the rubber faced god and Jeff Daniels - Eric Christian Olsen and Derek Richardson. If you can think of another film either of these guys did after this we owe you a corn dog.


2. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Jr

Okay our last Jim Carrey movie. (Seriously couldn’t Jim take a break from making ‘The Number 23’ to help out with these?). This time it’s Ace’s son played by cute lil’ tubby party animal, Josh Flitter who is so bad a dog couldn’t even love him.


1. Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son

A look into the future as Martin Lawrence hands the fat suit over to fresh faced Brandon T. Jackson. Maybe this will start another trend; fat suit franchise revivals: ‘Mrs. Doubtfire: Like Grandma, Like Son’? I get credit for that one Hollywood.

What other film franchises failed to pass the torch on to the next generation? Let us know in the comments below!


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