These 6 Real-life People Are Basically Pokémon, Right?

Some people have "spirit animals" that embody their traits and skills — you know, like how lumberjacks are with bears. But some people's spirit animals are closer to spirit Pokémon. I mean, I've met people so similar to Pokémon that I'm like, "Dang, you are basically a real-life version of Pikachu". Except I wouldn’t say that to their face, because THAT would be weird. And, like, I never say weird things. Here are some people who I'd meet and NOT tell them they act exactly like that one Pokémon:

This Girl and Pikachu are Basically The Same


Cute? Check. Yellow? Check. Conduits of electricity? CHECK.


This Kid Is Totally Charmander


Not only does this little guy bare a striking resemblance to Charmander, but he loves fire. Like, LOVES it. His parents better keep an eye on him or he might evolve into some human version of a dragon.


This Human Jigglypuff Is Here To Serenade Us


I don’t know about you, but I totally dozed off the second this cute, round-faced child began singing. Zzzzzzzzz. NOOOOO! I FELL ASLEEP AND GOT THOSE WEIRD LINES ALL OVER MY FACE! I AM RUINED!


This Kid Should be Saying, "Squirtle, Squirtle"


Yo, this kid has some serious water powers. That water-spraying thing is not even hooked up to a hose! Wait until he learns how to use Hydro-Pump — we’ll all be in trouble.


This Bodybuilder and Mewtwo Have Too Much in Common


I mean, this muscle guy here can’t be human, right? He must have been genetically modified by a crazy team of scientists to look and move like that.


This Sleeping Guy is Snorlax


Let’s be real here. If the Snorlax had a job he would totally sleep in his office chair all day. Good ol’ Snorelax — sleeping and snoring everywhere he goes.


Which real-life Pokémon was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!


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