6 Surprising Things Call Of Duty: Black Ops Soldiers Carry

Call of Duty soldiers are very busy killing endless numbers of people using all manner of guns and other things that kill good. They're so busy with all the bloodshed people rarely get a glimpse at the other things they keep with them in a firefight besides guns and ammunition for guns. Here's a behind the scenes look at just a few of those things:


1. Where's Waldo 100 Piece-Puzzles

Non-stop unspeakable war can be a real bear of a time. So Call of Duty: Black Ops soldiers generally like to keep a couple Where's Waldo puzzles on them to help them unwind. They don't want the puzzles to be too complicated because they always have more killing to do, but it's always fun to sit down for a few minutes and find Waldo, even while being chased down by a gatling gun pointed out of an enemy Blackhawk helicopter.


2. Celestial Seasonings Sleepy Time Tea

Nothing settles the stomach during a tense firefight like Celestial Seasonings Sleepy Time Tea. It's like drinking happy juice out of a giggling baby bear's mouth.


3. Rave Glow Jewelry

Call of Duty: Black Ops soliders love two things more than anything else: the scent of gunpowder on a freshly decimated enemy, and all-night raves. Gotta get your glow on if you wanna be the star of a rave. And no one wants that more than frontline undercover American warriors embroiled in secret international conflicts.


4. I'm With Stupid T-Shirt

Call of Duty: Black Ops soldiers think these shirts are hilarious. No one knows why.


5. Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire

All Call of Duty: Black Ops troops maintain at least one, but usually dozens, of Hagrid fan fiction blogs. This book is great to pull Hagrid references from.


6. Hannah Montana 16 Month Calendars

It's not because of any affection for Miley Cyrus. Soldiers in battle need accurate information about what day it is, and Hannah Montana 16 Month calendars are world renowned for their deadly accuracy. Also, the sides of all Hannah Montana 16 Month calendars are razor sharp and dipped in sting-ray poison, which is a great last ditch weapon if you run out of bullets.


What other things do Call of Duty: Black Ops soldiers keep on them? Let us know in the comments!


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