6 Ways Batman Has Beaten Superman

How could Superman not beat Batman? He's an all powerful alien who can fly, shoot lasers from his eyes, and punch through solid steel. Batman is a guy dressed like a bat. Sure, he's world class trained fighter, but Superman can move faster than a speeding bullet. Powers like that tend to negate ninja skills. Either Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice is going to be a pretty short movie, or Batman's going to have to get clever. Luckily, he's figured out a few ways to take Superman down before. Here are six ways Batman has beaten Superman!


Crazy Bat-Armor

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In this alternate future story, Batman is an old bitter man and Superman has become a pawn of the government. When they find themselves on opposing sides, they have no choice but to beat each other up. Superman shows up expecting it to be easy, until Batman arrives in a giant, bat-themed suit of armor. This is Batman's most basic move: he built a really powerful suit of armor to beat Superman up. No tricks, no fancy gadgets. Just a big suit of armor.

What's so great about this fight is that Batman beat Superman just enough to let him know who's boss before faking his own death, just to let Superman know that he could defeat him. Batman wanted to keep his work going in secret, you see, and he wanted Superman to leave him alone. Basically, Batman had become a cranky old man and wanted Superman to stay off his lawn.


Stealing Lois

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In a crossover episode of Batman: The Animated Series and Superman: The Animated Series, Batman took a different approach to hurting Superman — he started dating Lois Lane as Bruce Wayne. Clark was powerless to stop it from happening, because he couldn't tell Lois that Bruce was Batman without revealing that he was Superman. This was Batman's way of letting Superman know that while he may be an all-powerful alien god, Batman is a pimp.


The 'Ole Kryptonite Ring/ Lois Lane 1-2 Punch

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During the Hush storyline, Batman finds out that Poison Ivy has used her plant potions to put Superman under her spell. And she's not using Superman to do chores — she's using him to kill Batman. Using not only a Kryptonite ring to manhandle Superman physically, Batman also gets Catwoman to let Lois fall off the top of the Daily Planet building. Seeing his love in mortal danger is enough to break Superman free from Ivy's control to save her. And so we learn, do not mess with Batman. He can beat you up physically and emotionally.


Kryptonite Gun

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When Brainiac took control of Superman and made him go on a rampage, Batman pulled out a gun and shot Superman with a Kryptonite bullet. Remember, Superman is faster than a speeding bullet, so that means Batman basically shot a bullet at another bullet and still hit the target. Of course, Batman only wanted to stun Superman to buy time to turn off Brainiac's control. But once again, we see that Superman only survives because Batman wished it so.


Skinless Kryptonite

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In Tower of Babel, we learned that Batman knew how to take down each super-powered member of the Justice League if they ever went bad. When those plans fell into the wrong hands, Superman once again found out that Batman could take him down at any point. Using an altered form of Kryptonite, Batman turns Superman's skin transparent, making him unable to stand the sun's radiation. This is one of Batman's more unique plans, but since Superman with transparent skin is super uncomfortable to look at, it is also his grossest.


Learning His Secret Identity

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When Batman and Superman first met in the Animated Series days, Superman used his X-Ray vision to look under Batman's mask and find out that he was, in fact, Bruce Wayne. When Superman got home that night, he felt pretty good about himself ... until he discovered a bat-homing device on his cape. To his horror, Superman turned around and saw Batman standing on a distant rooftop looking right into Clark's apartment. Batman not only learned Superman's secret identity, but he proved he was way smarter.


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