Celebs That Family Guy Has Been Meanest To

Family Guy takes aim at everybody and never pulls any punches. That's part of the charm — nobody is safe from Seth MacFarlane's sense of humor. But the show especially loves to make fun of celebrities. It's always fun to watch somebody knock a pretentious celeb off their high horse, especially celebs that take themselves too seriously. I've rounded up some hilarious moments from Family Guy that are also some of their harshest jokes about celebrities!

Lady Gaga

family guy gaga


Joe, the wheelchair bound neighbor, has to give Meg a ride to school. He takes the opportunity to ask her about pop culture.

Yes Joe, Lady Gaga is a douche. You had it right.


Miley Cyrus

family guy miley


Miley Cyrus goes on a rampage, when she's stopped by an unexpected person:

Turns out, the evil monkey isn't so evil after all. He seems like he's got a good head on his shoulders.


Tara Reid

family guy reid


Ever wonder what happened to Tara Reid?

Well, I'll never look at pepperoni pizza the same way again.



family guy coldplay


Peter lets everyone know about his time as a rock star:

Peter wasn't kicked out of the band, he was consciously uncoupled from them.


Justin Bieber

family guy bieber


Lois tries to get in touch with the modern pop scene the only way she knows how:

After watching this clip, I've never been more jealous of a cartoon character.


Ronald Reagan

family guy reagan


Family Guy explores what happened to Reagan after his presidency:

To be honest, who hasn't found themselves punching a fast food restaurant?


Two and a Half Men

family guy two and a half men


This is one of Family Guy's best cutaway gags ever:

That ostrich's reaction is perfect.


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