7 Inappropriate Things (And People) To Bring to A Summer BBQ

It's summertime and that means awesome weather and outdoor parties. It’s time to bust out the barbeque and start the party! But the heat can make some people misjudge what is appropriate for an outdoor shindig. We count down the top seven most inappropriate things to bring to the neighborhood BBQ.


7. Your Crazy Uncle From Jersey


Your crazy Uncle Vinny might think he gets the party started, but your friends probably think differently. If he makes one more awkward side glance at your friend as they bite into a chicken breast, any hot tub party fantasies you have will be a distant memory.


6. A Whiny Vegan


Your taste buds are salivating and you can’t wait to bite into the juicy lamb shank crackling on the grill... until the token whiny hipster vegan starts talking about baby lamb slaughterhouses. Can you say buzz kill?


5. Road Kill


Unless you live in Arkansas, it’s probably not a good idea to bring the possum you recently ran over to throw on the barbie as an appetizer. ( Just kidding, Arkansas. I only picked your state because is it listed early alphabetically.


4. A Scale


The last thing you want to think about as you reach in for the homemade guacamole is how it’s going to affect your hips tomorrow. Bringing a scale to the party will not only make you look totally insecure, but it shows you have a hard time letting loose and enjoying guilty food every once in a while.


3. Wheatgrass


Not only will it make your pee smell, but wheatgrass is one of those things best left at the gym snack bar and not next to the spinach dip.


2. Four Loko


Who doesn’t love going to an awesome party? But things will turn from awesome to questionable fast, when you break out the four loco and your fellow party-goers are literally bouncing off the walls. 


1. Live Animals


Although chicken is yummy to eat, nobody wants to pick out the feathered friend they are going to have for dinner. Having people get attached to the animals that will soon be on their plate is a major BBQ no-no.


What is your favorite barbeque side dish? Is there one BBQ meat you just can’t stand? Let us know in the comments!

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