7 Saints That Were Bigger Partiers Than St. Patrick

Saint Patrick was a man who knew how to party. I mean, why else would they name St. Patrick's day after him? Duh. But when you compare him to these saints it makes his partying look like a quiet Friday night alone at home watching reruns of Deal or No Deal.


Saint Sheen

St. Sheen was bangin' 7-gram rocks and finishing them because that's how he rolled. He had one speed, one gear: go! The run he was on made St. Francis, St. Joseph, and, Jagger, all of ‘em, look like droopy-eyed armless children


Saint Flava Flav

Saint Flava Flav once partied so hard that the party next door to the party he was partying at spontaneously combusted.


Saint Andrew WK

Saint Andrew WK was born out of the head of Zeus and blessed by the Gods with the task of bringing partying to all mankind. However, in 1211 B.C. He was chained to the bottom of a volcano because his partying had driven the world in to chaos. Thousands of years later, in 1999, he finally broke free, signed a record deal, and the rest is history.


Saint Spuds Mackenzie

He's used be the ultimate party dog. Until one night he got drunk off of a toilet full of Whiskey, broke into the zoo, and tried to mount a sleeping lion.  


Saint Herodutus The Lesser

Saint Herodutus The Lesser was given Sainthood in the second century A.D. when he tried to belly flop off a roof into a swimming pool, and landed on a pile of swords some Roman soldiers had put down after he dared them to go skinny dipping. 


Saint Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa may not technically be a Saint, but she knows how to tie a shoelace with her tongue, and any woman that can party like that is an honorary Saint in my book.


Saint 28 Year Old Guy That Still Goes To High School Parties

He's three years out of college and he still pulls up to the high school parties in a 1997 Chevy Camaro and asks if he can buy anyone beer. This man is not just a trooper, he is a saint. A creepy, creepy saint. 

What other Saints really know how to party? Let's discuss!


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