7 Signs That You Might Be A Geek

Here are 7 sure signs that you are a geek! For some of you, this won't be shocking. For others... this is a reality call. If you can relate to any of these seven examples below... you are a geek. Deal with it!


1. Your Computer Is Worth More Than Your Car

OK, so it’s not the most expensive car in the world... I mean I don’t care how fast I get places, but I do care how fast Photoshop loads.


2. You Have A Few Out Of The Ordinary Tattoos

It might be the Stargate tat on your ass, or maybe it is the Chewbacca on your arm, either way nothing will give you away as fast as the 1’s 0’s on your knuckles.


3. Your Social Weekly Schedule Is Set Around The Sci-Fi Channel

I know that the birth of a nephew is a sacred moment, but there was a Farscape marathon on and I thought she would be in labor for days not hours.


4. Your Pets Have Unorthodox Names

I have had 4 Labradors in the last 10 years, all of them where wonderful dogs. I will always remember you fondly Jabba. Yoda and Starbuck are the two labs that I have now and James Tiberius is the very recent third addition to my family. GEEK!


5. You Count Comic-Con As A Holiday

I know people that schedule their vacation around Comic-Con. It might seem odd but it is nice to get a second wear out of the Klingon costume that you bought last Halloween.


6. You Spend Hours Defending The Merits Of Made Up Ideas

Some might find it to be inane to debate the midichlorian count necessary to become a Jedi, or debating the point structure in a Quidditch match. If you do not, welcome to nerdonia.



Your Conversations With Other People Are A Bit Abnormal

Some might find it odd to have a two hour argument with a coworker about who would win a fight between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. C’mon, Gates might be smaller but Jobs is still weak from the cancer.

So there you have it. How else can you tell if someone's a geek? What geeky things do you do? Please leave them in the comments so I can read them and laugh!


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