7 Worst Places In The Mushroom Kingdom

The Mushroom Kingdom is mostly a happy go lucky place. Toadstools dance and play in the sun and Yoshis bumble around giving all who want to have some fun rides on their backs. But there are some parts of the Mushroom Kingdom that aren't so great. Beware these places, stay away, STAY AWAY.


The Forest Of Illusion

The Forest of Illusion is a real hellhole. It's full of freaking ghosts, and the trees are alive and they hate you. Why would anyone want to go to a forest where all the trees hated them? 


Wario's Castle

Wario's castle is well decorated and has a great view of Yoshi's Island, but it's really annoying to be at because Wario, starved for attention, is always running up saying d*ckhead things to you and your friends.


The Land Of Giants

There's a reason apartments are so cheap in the land of giants, yeah you can get a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom place with walk-in closets for a song, but that's because at any minute it could be CRUSHED BY MONSTERS.


Wherever The Hell This Is

Every time I visit this part of the Mushroom Kingdom that thing consumes me. You'd think after the first time I was eaten and then sat melting in a stomach made of fire I would learn my lesson, but it's the quickest shortcut to get to the 7/11 near Luigi's place.


Bowser's Place

It doesn't even look inviting. And the moat surrounding it is full of bones and lava. No wonder no one ever comes over for his Trivial Pursuit nights.


Toad's Turnpike

Why isn't anyone enforcing the laws on this highway? They keep holding Go-Kart races here, going AGAINST traffic, and the fatality rate is almost 100%.


The Olive Garden

Yeah, even the Mushroom Kingdom has an Olive Garden. Just like any Olive Garden the food is delicious and the breadsticks are free, but all the Boos RUIN the atmosphere.


What are some other places you shouldn't visit in the Mushroom Kingdom? Let us know in the comments!

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