8 Attractions That Used to Be at Disneyland

Dozens of rides and shows have delighted Disney-goers throughout the years, only to fade into the Neverland where dreams go to die. Disneyland is the original Disney park, where the magic all started, and during its long existence, its collected quite a few ghosts of rides gone by. Here are eight attractions that once brought joy to the masses and are now dearly missed.

1) The Skyway, 1956-1994

50s skyway jpg

The Skyway was a peaceful ride above the park to Tomorrowland and Fantasyland that closed in 1994 to save money for new rides. The Fantasyland station still exists, and is overgrown with trees and visible to only the most eagle-eyed visitors.

2) Submarine Voyage, 1959-1998

Submarine Voyage jpg

Submarine Voyage allowed Disneyland patrons a submarine experience without ever really submerging. The subs took adventurers to see giant clams, sunken ships, and mermaids. The Submarine Voyage re-opened in 2007 in an altered form as Finding Nemo’s Submarine Voyage, because every ride has to have a major movie tie-in now! Sigh.

3) The Stagecoach Ride, 1955-1959

Stagecoach ride jpg

The Stagecoach Ride was — you guessed it — a ride in a stagecoach. And it was a real stagecoach at that! It closed in ’59 to make way for Nature’s Wonderland, sealing the Old West’s fate once and for all.

4) The PeopleMover, 1967-1995

people mover jpg

The PeopleMover was a calm 16-minute ride around Tomorrowland. It was also my grandpa’s second-favorite ride, which I think says a lot about what a chill dude he was. The track still exists, leaving a sliver of hope for PeopleMover super fans that someday we’ll be able to slowly move people above Tomorrowland once again.

5) Captain EO, 1986-1997

Captain EO was a 17-minute 4D movie/interactive experience starring Michael Jackson, started when MJ was the biggest star in the world. It’s sci-fi, with robots, a sidekick named Fuzzball, and a Wikipedia summary that scrambled my brain. It honest-to-god features sentences such as, “The two robot members of the crew transform into musical instruments, and the crew members begin to play the various instruments.” A modified version of the show called The Captain EO Tribute came back after MJ’s death in 2010. You can now watch the movie on YouTube (without the lasers, smoke, or sweaty tourists).

6) Honey, I Shrunk the Audience, 1998-2010

shrunk audience jpg

Honey, I Shrunk the Audience replaced Captain EO and featured a 4D experience where the audience was shrunken down to a microscopic size and generally terrorized because Rick Moranis just can’t seem to do science right. It can not be that hard, Rick.

7) The House of the Future, 1957-1967

house future jpg

The House of the Future was supposed to give park-goers a peek into how the people of the future would live, plastic, microwaves, wall-mounted TV and all. And it was sponsored by Monsanto! I feel like that would be a hard sell now, even though all of our lives are unofficially sponsored by Monsanto. When the house was demolished in 1967, the wrecking ball bounced right off the curved plastic sides and workers had to come in and slowly hack it to death with saws. :(

8) Country Bear Jamboree, 1972-1986

bear jamboree jpg

This wildly popular attraction consisted of animatronic bears playing old-timey songs. I’m not sure why something that sounds just like to the Chuck E. Cheese band was so popular, but if you’re dying to know, the bears jam on at Disney World.


Which of these rides do you wish Disneyland still had? Bring back the House of the Future, I say! Let me know your thoughts @erikaheidewald or leave a comment!

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