8 Best Fictional Father Figures (Who Weren't Actually Fathers)

Tomorrow is Father’s Day and if you're lucky enough to have a great dad, then I hope you don't forget to honor him with a set of new BBQ tools or something. And if you don't have a father, I really hope you at least have a great father figure in your life. They do exist, especially in film and on TV!  Here's a look at 8 men who probably would have made great dads and were for sure, great father figures to some of our favorite fictional fatherless kids.


Sirius Black

best fictional father figures sirius black


Sirius would have been a total DILF. I definitely wouldn't want him to be my father, or things would get Game of Thrones really fast for me, but I'm glad Harry had him as a surrogate dad for at least a little while! And like a real parent, he put his child's life before his own, making us all snot cry in the process. Badasses with soft hearts are truly the best. Why do all the good ones end up dead from their heroism? Sigh.



best fictional father figures cinna  hunger games


A dad that's into fashion and beauty? Yes, please! Haymitch had his plusses as a father figure, but far more minuses. Luckily, Katniss had Cinna, who was loyal, brave, and completely devoted to her well-being. And to her looking fierce. Which might seem shallow, but if she didn't have that fire dress, there probably wouldn't have been more than one Hunger Games books. There's no denying the power of a fabulous frock!


Professor Charles Xavier

best fictional father figures charles xavier


The very best part about having Professor X as a father figure is that it probably means you have a cool ass mutation! Although I don't know how cool it would be to have a dad who could enter your mind, but maybe it would make you a better person? On the other hand, it could turn you into Magneto Junior. Either way, Professor X would have your back. He never gives up on mutants, even when they turn bad. Just like your dad forgave you when you crashed his prized sportscar.


Carl Fredricksen

best fictional father figures carl fredricksen


What is wrong with me? I can't even see a picture of Carl and Ellie without crying! As we know, Carl and Ellie were unable to have children and that is truly a damn shame. But in the end Carl proved he had what it took to be a rad dad. Who wouldn't love a dad who had such an amazing sense of adventure? Especially one who keeps his promise to his deceased true love. Ah man, now I'm crying again. Pixar movies probably make me cry more than any others. 'Sad animated features' is definitely my favorite genre.


Obi-Wan Kenobi

best fictional father figures obi-wan kenobi


Confession: Obi-Wan was my first crush! It's one thing to be a father figure to sweet little kids, but Kenobi proved his dad cred with a bratty teen Skywalker. Bonus points for maiming Skywalker's deadbeat dad with a lightsaber.


Rupert Giles

best fictional father figures rupert giles


Giles is the best! Not only is Giles capable of imparting wisdom to his young charges, he is also more than capable of embarrassing them with his goofball ways. And nothing screams dad more than the goofball/wise combo. 


Albus Dumbledore

best fictional father figures albusdumbledore


Speaking of wise...you don't get more owl-like than Albus Dumbledore! Sure, Albus guided Harry, but he also let Harry make mistakes, and was always there to make those mistakes a teachable moment. I wish I had a Dumbledore in my life. I just have Dumbs, so I have to learn from my mistakes all on my own. It's a lot harder that way. 


Alfred Pennyworth

best fictional father figures alfred batman


He has fighting skills, is constantly offering sage advice and he can make you a yummy breakfast? I'd be happy just to have a dad that made me French toast once in awhile! Why is Bruce Wayne such morose sadsack again? Oh yeah, I forgot about his parents being gunned down in front of him as a child. My bad.

 Which one do you think is the best? Let me know @desijedeikin or in the comments below!

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