8 Signs That You Are A Clone

Could You Be A Clone?

Ever get the feeling you were born to live a whole different life? Maybe one with more adventure, less grunt work? A life of fine dining and finer dating? But no. You’re stuck in your boring daily life surrounded by morons who don’t appreciate you. People treat you like you’re replaceable! Well, maybe YOU ARE!

Science has hidden their ability to clone perfectly “normal” humans for years. For all you know, you are the 150th in a series of YOUs. Where are the others, building new pyramids? Are you the original?! What makes you worth duplicating? We at Smosh can’t answer these questions for you. But we can help you determine if you are the REAL you, or just a COPY of you.

Here are 8 signs that you are a clone.


1. You Don't Have A Navel

No navel? That is the number one symptom of being a clone. Or a test tube baby…


2. Bizarre Unexplanable Baby Photos

If your baby pictures are suspiciously numerous, you may be a clone. Especially if they seem to be taken all over the world. Either you are a duplicate, or the most well-traveled infant on the planet.


3. You Are Tagged In Facebook Photos At Events You Have Zero Recollection Of

How can you be in three places at once? No matter what kind of party animal you may consider yourself to be, you can’t beam yourself between places. (That would be an entirely different article.) So if you are pictured doing a keg stand at one party and working a late shift on the same night, you are either a blackout drunk or a clone.


4. You Are Your Own Worst Enemy

Clones don’t have natural enemies. If your worst enemy is Lionel Washburn for stealing your skateboard and beating you with it in 4th grade, you are NOT a clone. But if you were once mugged by a gang of YOURSELF, then yeah, you are a clone.


5. You Have Been Wrongfully Placed On America's Most Wanted List

You haven't committed any crimes and yet a photo of you is plastered across the evening news "Wanted dead or alive." You might have an evil clone out there... take every precaution.


6. Your Earliest Memory Is Getting Your Driver's License

Do you remember playing in the sandbox? Kindergarten? Then you’re probably fine. But if you have an unusually hazy idea of what life was like before reaching your full height, that’s not a good sign. If you have very real dreams of being lifted out of a goo-filled tank, that’s even worse.


7. All Your Favorite Movies Are About Clones

The Matrix, Multiplicity, Moon, Star Wars Episode II: Attack Of the Clones… If it’s a movie about multiples & you’ve watched it too many times to count, you might be subconsciously relating too much.


8. You Have Met Your Own Clone

If you have actually seen a living, breathing copy of yourself running around – NOT in a mirror or on video, you are either a clone or it’s time to check into a mental hospital.

Do you think that you are possibly a clone? Please let us know in the comments.


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