8 Signs You Are a Hypochondriac

It's not that you WANT something to be wrong with you, but something is definitely wrong with you. In your heart of hearts you know it, but then again can you really trust your heart of hearts? Your heart could be failing you. In fact, it probably is. In fact, you are experiencing chest pains right now!! In fact, imminent death awaits you. Here are the signs that you're a hypochondriac.


You check Web MD more than you check the news

hypo signs web


Who cares about current state of the UN? The current state of my immune system is far more important.


Anything and everything is a sign that you have a tumor

hypo signs tumor


Is this a bug bite? I've had it for a long time. TUMOR ALERT!


You KNOW your appendix is a ticking time bomb

hypo signs appendix


Just go ahead and burst already! Stop torturing me with the anticipation!


Bug Bites are a sign of a much greater problem.

hypo signs bugs


I repeat, is this a bug bite? I've had it for a long time. TUMOR ALERT!


You constantly use Purell, but every time you do it you are scared that you're ruining your resistance to germs

hypo signs purell




There is no greater news than when your friend tells you he is pursuing medicine

hypo signs school


I'll pay for your entire medical schooling, just become a doctor already. I NEED THIS.


You're developing an anxiety disorder over whether or not you are developing an anxiety disorder

hypo signs anxiety


What a vicious cycle.


You have a love/hate relationship with Google Image search

hypo signs hate


I just want to figure out if it's a bug bite or a tumor. A simple question. I don't want to see the disgusting images you are giving me, Google! I'm starting to feel faint looking at these. Is it low blood sugar? Is it diabetes? Is my appendix bursting? I need to Google image search this and find out what's really happening.


What are some other signs you are a hypochondriac? Let me know on Twitter or in the comments below!

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