8 Wackiest Neighbors In TV History

TV neighbors aren't like regular neighbors. Regular neighbors stay inside most of the time and smile politely if you accidentally happen to get the mail at the same time. TV neighbors are usually f'ing bananas, towing the line between being crazy in a fun way and being crazy in a don't let him watch the children kind of way.


Boner Stabone


Of "Growing Pains" fame. Dude's name was Boner, and his last name had the word "bone." Don't let any ever tell you television isn't art.


Kimmy Gibler


She was a real sh*thead who would barge into the house on "Full House" without asking and say all sorts of stupid crap that pissed everybody off. Luckily, in the "Full House" fan fiction I write she grew up to be a grave digger, because it was the only job she could get, and she's allergic to corpses.




He was still in high school yet he managed to build a robot version of himself. Also, he was so annoying that his very annoyingness actually gave Carl Winslow a heart attack. Let me be clear about that, his annoyingness was so powerful that it almost took the life of a human being. Wacky neighbor credentials? Top shelf.




Kramer made Seinfeld awesome, mostly by managing to seem shocked every single time he entered a room. If I had a neighbor like Kramer I'd, well, I'd probably ask him politely not to come over. And if he ignored that I would be more stern with him about not coming over.


George Jefferson


George played Archie's black neighbor, helping cut the racial tension on a show about an old fashioned guys with mixed feelings about race, by being all hilarious. In the 70's it was possible for television shows on network TV to deal with issues like issues of race with edge, compassion, and intelligence. Nowadays Glee does that by humanizing gay characters, showing their flaws and their triumphs. And MTV does that by sometimes showing a black dude in the background on "The Hills."


Glenn Quagmire


A vicious sexual predator whose wanton aggression and selfish lust for flesh has turned countless lives into a burning world of pain, shame, and confusion. In other words, one of the funniest characters on prime time television!




You couldn't see the bottom of his face! Despite "Home Improvement's" Wilson's hidden lower face, he still served to dispense pleasantly hilarious wisdom to the ever-bumbling Tim. How come he never shows the bottom of his face you ask? Because he has been dead for years, he is a ghost, and the bottom of his face is a grinning skull.




He lived across from the Smurfs and was pretty much the worst neighbor there ever was. Some neighbors are annoying because they come by too much, or are too loud sometimes, but Gargamel was annoying because he was forever trying to MURDER EVERYONE. Now that's a wacky neighbor trait if there ever was one.


Have you ever lived next to a wacky/crazy neighbor? What were they like? Let us know in the comments!

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