The 89-Year-Old Zombie

A woman died and was brought back to life thanks to the power... of bad police work!

Police officers were sent to check on an 89 year-old woman and when the found the woman in her bathroom. She was laying on the floor motionless, blue in the face and there was a strong smell.

Police officers at the scene pronounced her dead even though she wasn't, these police officers are whatever the opposite of Sherlock Holmes is.

Neither one of the police men even tried to check this woman's vitals just to make sure.

They called the woman's son and told him that she was dead before even checking her pulse. That's not the type of thing you want to drop on someone unless your 100% sure.

This woman was only found to be alive by the person who came to claim her body for medical science and only three hours later! I wonder who had to make the call back to the son to let him know his mom’s a zombie, that must have been embarrassing.

The 89 year-old did end up surviving after being rushed to the hospital, well not really rushed at all... unless you call getting there in 3 hours rushing.

I guess all we really learned from this is, we don't just assume people are dead just because they're blue.

Oh and always check the pulse before you call the son because that is just embarrassing.


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