9 Best Ways To Get Banned On XBox Live

Nobody wants to wake up and see that in their inbox regarding their XBox Live account because XBox doesn't mess around. When they say banned until 9999, they mean it.

There are Xbox Forums strictly for people who have gotten their accounts suspended until 9999. People log in to try to get reinstated but it doesn't usually work.

There are a lot of reasons you might get banned until 9999.


But here are some other ways that you can get banned from Xbox Live.


9. Be A Douche

Be really mean to the other people playing with you, get involved in a lot of smack talk. Call people names, insult them often and frequently. You are sure to get reported and banned for this type of behavior.


8. Drug Talk

Talk about how much you love to smoke pot. Go so far as to show pics of your bongs, pipes and weed. Make sure everyone knows how much you love pot and you're sure to get banned.


7. Be A Jerk On The Forums

When you've been banned sign into chat forums and be a total d*ck to the only people who can possibly help you get your account reinstated. This is a sure way to find yourself banned for life.


6. Use Illegal Bootleg Copies Of Games

Use bootleg copies of Black-Ops or any other game you can get your hands one - Xbox knows everything and they will ban your sorry butt for it.


5. Make Fun Of Gay People

Use gay slurs whenever possible. A dude said he was from Fort Gay and got reported and banned... turns out he was actually from Fort Gay, West Virginia so he actually got his account reinstated but that is a rare case. So unless you're actually from Fort Gay or your last name really is Gay, don't use the word gay on Xbox live. If someone doesn't like it, your ass is grass.


4. Be Racist

Some people, especially people with races, don’t like constant streams of racist profanity coming from 10-year-olds. Who knew? Maybe the only n-word you should be using online should be “nice” as in “nice job, worthy adversary.”


3. Use Your Real Name As Your Gamertag

This is true… Xbox banned a dude because he was using his real name as his gamertag. Of course, his name was Richard Gaywood. If you want to get banned, it would help if your name is something funny like Craig Bonersmith, or James Queery. If your name is something normal like Kyle Smith or something, you might have find another way to get banned, like…


2. Be Steve Jobs

Bill Gates has it in for this guy for some reason...


1. Show Your Junk While Playing UNO

Showing your junk on Xbox live anywhere will probably do the trick, but I think you get fast tracked to ban-ville if you do it in a family friendly game.

What are some other ways you've heard to get banned from Xbox Live? Let us know down below!


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