9 Celebrities With Strange Flaws

Sure they look great on the red-carpet and in movies or on TV, but some celebrities aren't as perfect as they might seem! I know, right?? Some of them have some strange body flaws and yeah, are still pretty perfect despite them. FUUUUUU celebrities and all your crazy good luck!


Megan Fox

 celebrities with starnge physical flaws megan fox


Imperfection-Stubby thumbs

Oh man these are some terrible thumbs. Why she would ever put them by her pretty face in a photo is beyond me. After her marriage to David Austin Green, these thumbs must be the thing she's most embarrassed about. She has to be regretting that marriage, right?


Zac Efron

 celebrities with starnge physical flaws zac efron


Imperfection-Four nipples

Two more nipples and he'd have a nipple for every ab. Then he'd be rocking some real cow udders. That doesn't sound very sexy, but for some reason on him it is. Cow udder association, okay with me. High School Musical association, difficult to get over. I think I have problems. 


Jennifer Garner

 celebrities with strange physical flaws jennifer garner


Imperfection-Overlapping toes

I'm actually surprised she can wear a shoe other than flip flops. How does she fit her foot in a closed shoe!?! It's like Cinderella and her evil step-sister had an adorable monster foot baby. Science is irrelevent in fantasy situations, people.


Vince Vaughn

 celebrities with starnge physical flaws vince vaughn


Imperfection-Missing thumb tip

Vaughn refers to his severed appendage as his 'penis thumb'. And yeah, I can tell why. That picture looks filthy. But it's completely SFW, just in the most NSFW way possible. 


Kate Bosworth

 celebrities with strange physical flaws kate bosworth


Imperfection-Different Color Irises

Okay, Kate Bosworth officially has the best flaw ever. It's so flaw it became flawless again. Or something like that. This and the fact that she dated Alexander Skarsgard means she is officially my arch-enemy. A title which comes wioth absolutely no consequences, so don't worry Kate.


Stephen Colbert

 celebrities with starnge physical flaws stephen colbert


Imperfection-Messed up ear

Colbert's ear got all wonky after he had surgery on it as a child. Did you know he was also deaf in that ear? The damage to his ear was so severe that it thwarted his dreams to become a marine biologist because he's unable to scuba dive. Is it mean to say I'm glad he was so injured that he went into comedy?? 


Karolina Kurkova

 celebrities with starnge physical flaws karolina kurnokova


Imperfection-Missing belly button

How is this possible?? Does this prove that all supermodels are actually aliens? Okay, it was due to a botched childhood surgery...but still! Good thing she has so many other exceptional body parts to distract from that freaky torso.


Denzel Washington

 celebrities with strange physical flaws denzel washington


Imperfection-Crooked pinky

How have I never noticed this!?!  Denzel broke his pinky as a kid and it was never properly set. Yeah, ya think?? I'm totally obsessed with seeing him drink form a dainty teacup now.


Ashton Kutcher

 celebrities with starnge physical flaws ashton kutcher


Imperfection-Webbed toes

NOOOO! Remind me to never be around Ashton Kutcher's bare feet and a pair of sharp scissors. I don't think I'll be able to control myself!

Which one were you surprised by? Let me know @desijedeikin or in the comments below!

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