Alcoholic Whipped Cream Hits Campuses

Alcohol infused whip cream has hit the market - the makers say it's for hot alcoholic beverages and meant for adults, but it's fast becoming a trend on college campuses across the country. Is this the new Four Loko?

It looks like whipped cream, comes in a can, and even comes in delicious flavors that "adults" love like rasberry, cherry, orange, caramel, chocolate, and vanilla.

But this isn't your grandma's whipped cream. Products like Whipped Lightning and Cream contain anywhere from 15 - 18% alcohol by volume (which makes it over 30 proof) and three times the amount in your average beer.

The makers insist that they are not marketing the products toward youth and yet on Cream's MySpace page they suggest adding the product to things like Jell-O shots — a staple at college parties.

So it's not marketed towards kids, yet it has a MySpace page... who is on MySpace? Your mom? No. It's young people. They also have a Twitter page that updates with posts like "Get whipped" and demands, "Give me cream!"

"Whipahols" as they call them, are a little harder for teens to get a hold of than Four Loko, they're sold in liquor stores not at the local market, but you can also order it online. I don't know how you can card someone on the internet.

Teens already use whip cream cans to get high, so can you imagine the damage that can be done if the whip cream in the can actually contains 30 proof alcohol. 

What do you think about products like this that are marketed toward young drinkers? Should it be banned like Four Loko?


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