America is Into: Jesse James' Tattooed Nazi Armband Wearing Skank

Sarah's weekly post on what America is doing with its life.

This week, Jesse James, of West Coast Choppers and Celebrity Apprentice fame, pulled a Tiger Woods and cheated on his wife with a woman sleazy enough to sell the story to the tabloids.

Unlike Tiger Woods, there was only one woman. But to one-up Tiger, this woman has forehead tattoos and an affinity for Nazi paraphernalia.

Another difference here is that his wife is Sandra Bullock. In case you forgot, the woman just beat Meryl Streep out for an Oscar. Sandra has moved out and cancelled the remainder of her UK press tour for Blind Side. (Insert word play on Sandra Bullock being blind-sided here.)

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. And hell hath even less comparable fury like a successful woman whose loser boyfriend just cheated on them with some sort of Nazi-themed stripper.

Stay strong, Sandra.