12 Awesome Things You'll Find In The Smosh Magazine

As you may know, the very first SMOSH MAGAZINE came out this week, available online here, and also IRL at 40,000 retailers in the USA and also in the USA’s hat, Canada.

smosh magazine cover


I got a super-advance copy a few weeks ago, and then Ian stole it from me (for reals), but this week I got ANOTHER COPY, and it is identical, because that’s how magazines work. What the hell is even IN this Smosh magazine? Just 82 pages of pictures of Anthony’s hair and Jovenshire with his shirt off? NO. There are, in fact, LOTS AND LOTS of cool things in the magazine, and while I can’t give away everything, here’s a peek at the types of things you can see in the magazine.


An interview with Anthony’s mom

smosh magazine anthony's mom


Ian’s mom gets to be in videos all the time, but what about Anthony’s mom? What is she like? The elusive mother finally breaks her silence about her son dressing up like a girl on the internet.


More of these pictures

smosh magazine sex gesture


There’s a whole essay about this gesture. Ian’s pictures are probably the creepiest ever taken of him


The brief life of a Smosh Script

smosh magazine smosh script


The script is where Smosh comedy is BORN. Learn about the Smosh writing process, and see what a real script looks like.


How to build your own Smosh studio

smosh magazine studio tips


If you ever wondered what it might take to become a YouTuber, the Smosh production team runs down some of the equipment you should pick up to get started.


Creepy Anthony and Ian mask

smosh magazine ian mask


Are you the kind of fan who likes Smosh so much you want to BECOME THEM and wear their face? A month ago I would have advised therapy, but NOW I advise MAGAZINE BUYING. Both Ian and Anthony have full size, cut out face masks. Creep out your family, or just strangers.


Hot pictures of Mari

smosh magazine hot pics mari


I think Mari is an amazing person and EVERY picture of her is hot, so maybe I’m biased.


Funny charts

smosh magazine bear chart


I went through this flowchart, and I’m NOT being mauled by a bear. I pray you get the same results.


Upcoming video game previews and thoughts from the Smosh Games guys

smosh magazine sohinki


Guys, Sohinki likes FIFA more than Madden. IS HE BRAZILLIAN OR SOMETHING?


Fan Art

smosh magazine fan art


Ian and Anthony get more awesome mail and fan art than they know what to do with. There’s a gallery in the magazine with some of the best fan art ever that has ever sat inside a garage in Sacramento.


Fan Fan-Fiction

smosh magazine fan fiction


Fan-fiction about fans who write fan-ficition. Less confusing than it sounds here, and pretty darn funny.


How to handle any relationship situation like a ninja

smosh magazine social ninja


This article and series and comics was really helpful since I have been handling my relationship problems Samurai style.


Behind the scenes photos

smosh magazine behind the scenes


Ever wonder what it’s REALLY like on a the set of a Smosh video? Get a peek at what it is like on set with behind the scenes photos from a real Smosh video shoot. It’s a LOT messier than you think.


And all that is just to get started. There’s a TON of Smoshy goodness in the Smosh Magazine, from Anthony answering “Dear Abby” letters, to upcoming movie previews, to hilarious articles and pictures and so much more. You just have to see for yourself. Have you read the magazine already? What do you think? Should this be more than a one-time thing? Let us know in the comments!

Check out the magazine in stores now, or get it online here.