Best Japanese Anime Sidekicks

We in the U.S. are used to sidekicks like Robin, of Batman fame, who spends most of his time knitting friendship bracelets for Batman. For those of us who know about Anime we know how much better it is than cartoons here in the states, how much less condesdening, how much more intelligent, philosophical, violent, sexual, and honest it is. With that in mind, it's clear that Anime sidekicks have a lot to live up to. Do they? You be the judge:




Cromartie High School centers on a kid named Kamiyama who's a solid dude trying to blend into a really rough high school. His sidekick is Hayashida, who is a giant musclebound sweetheart with a purple mohawk that can move by itself. Now that's my kind of mohawk. I also am a I big fan of anybody that's willing to drink a cup of water that big.


Alphonse Elric


The kid brother of Edward in the anime series Full Metal Alchemist. Normally kid brother sidekicks are annoying and spill stuff, that's basically their function. Rarely, if ever, are they a giant suit of invincible armor with the soul of a little boy trapped inside it. The last time that happened was the Presidency of George Bush Sr., when he appointed "Megalus," a sentient 16 foot tall steel statue of a Norse Viking to be his Vice President.




Kaneda's sidekick in Akira. He thinks everyone else thinks he's lame, but everyone really likes him. Most people deal with this kind of an inferiority complex by going to a therapist. Tetsuo deals with it by transforming into this giant thing, engulfing his friend in his own ever expanding matter, and then exploding. 




Mokona, of Magic Knight Rayearth fame. He's already significantly radder than most other rabbit sidekicks on account of the jewel in his forehead that makes tents and food. So that's a useful thing. But Mokona turns out to be able to do more than just be adorabe and create tents with his forehead, he also turns out to have created the Earth and many other planets as well. So, in other words, this is a rabbit who can create planets. I have a rabbit. You know what my rabbit can do? Sh*t and hide behind things.




From "Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann," Boota is a rather cute pig f*ck thing with a star on his ass. You'd think Boota would do anything to protect that star on his ass because it makes him unique. But no, this sidekick is so loyal and dedicated, that in one episode he actually chops off his own ass to help his owners. Why did chopping off his own ass help anyone in any way whatsoever? If you have to ask questions like that, you don't get anime.


What other anime sidekicks are the sh*t? Let us know in the comments!


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