Bieber’s Gonna Be On Glee!

Teenage girls all over the world are hysterically screaming and fainting with joy because it’s now been confirmed that Justin Bieber will be on Glee.

Last year, there was a thrilling rumor that Glee would devote an entire episode to Bieber’s music, but Ryan Murphy, the show’s creator, squashed that idea right away, saying, “Glee is NOT doing a Justin Bieber tribute episode … those are reserved for artists with a big catalogue, ala Madonna and Britney, etc."

Everyone at Smosh was outraged—Justin has seven whole songs on his album! Since each Glee episode features six or seven songs, they could make a whole story around “My World.” Maybe Kurt has to pretend to be a douchey little girl-child, so Bieber shows him how, and they sing “Our Favorite Girl” together while people throw things at them.

When the rumor of a Bieberful Glee episode was officially denied, there was a massive outcry from 12-year-old-girls all over the world. Dammit, they want their BieberGlee!

But a ray of hope fell on each of these girls' eyes this weekend, when it was officially announced that the February 15th episode of Glee will contain not one, but THREE Bieber hits!!! J-Beeb will also guest star in the episode, in a role that is, according to the show's creator, “not that tiny.” (Unlike everything else about Bieber.) It's rumored that on the episode, Sam will sing a Bibeber tune and subject himself to a Bieber-style makeover in order to win back Quinn, changing his hair to resemble Justin's famous coif.

We don’t know how much coaching Sam will need … he seems to already have the Bieber ‘do down pat. He’ll just need to lay off the "tousled-and-sexy Laguna Hills surfer-dude" hair product, and then learn how to comb his bangs in the other direction.

But wait! There’s more exciting news … an insider has said that Chord Overstreet's character might try to start a Bieber-ish boyband and cover at least one of J-Beeb's hits. Between Sam and Kurt, they've got Justin's look down. This is still only a rumor...if you want it to really happen, you should send lots of emails and Tweets to Glee's producers, letting them know how you feel.

We are so stoked about the idea of seeing the Biebermeister on the boob tube! It'll be the best. mashup. ever. Bieberboy will be a natural fit for the show because he already has a lot of important skills he’ll need to rock the show.

For example, the kids on Glee do that annoying “loser” sign.

Bieber’s a pro with throwing signs -- he's been doing it since he was a little girl.

Another important skill is being about to point at people while trying to seduce them with sultry bedroom eyes.

Clearly the Beeb can already do that!

Bieber will also be required to wear makeup for the shoot so he looks like a pretty girl with sparkling eyes and shiny hair.

Justin certainly doesn’t need any practice in that area! He loves a nice bubblegum pink lip gloss, just like Chris, and Bieber’s big brown eyes are sparklier than Edward’s chest.

We think upcoming Glee episodes should feature music by other artists, too. Sue Sylvester could try to make Kurt go to Christian gay-conversion camp, and Amy Winehouse could guest star and sing “Rehab.”

Lindsay Lohan could guest star on an episode in which Quinn becomes a drunken, coke-snorting slut.

On another episode, the whole glee club could turn goth, and Marilyn Manson could do a makeover montage with the kids while they all sing “The Beautiful People.”

Everyone at Smosh is dying to know what J-Beeb tunes will be on the Bieberiffic Glee episode, but as long as we get to see her sweet face on the TV, we’re happy.

What songs do you think they’ll do on Glee? Tell us in the comments!


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