CAUGHT IN THE ACT: Selfie Edition

Taking a selfie is, in and of itself, an embarrassing act. But snapping one while other people are watching? That's a whole nother level of cringe. Not only are selfies wildly narcissistic, they often cause the taker to contort their face into something unrecognizable. No one should have to see that — no one. Selfies, like binge eating, popping pimples, and masturbating, should be done in PRIVATE. Let’s take a look at a few people caught executing this social faux pas.


This Girl’s Dad

selfie snapchat monster dad caught


The Selfie Virus is often passed from parent to offspring.


The Obama Girls at Some Event

selfie obama funny


Gangster Sign Selfies — so hot right now.


This Guy on The News


Props to Fox 5 San Diego for airing this live.


Jessica Alba at the US Open

jessica alba selfie


Someone should tell her to turn her phone around.


50 Cent with This Baseball

50 cent caught selfie baseball


It’s a cool selfie, but he threw what is considered the worst first pitch ever at a NY Mets game. Yiiiiiikes.


These Girls in Front of a Fire

selfie fire stupid girls


I blame their parents.


This Dad on his iPad

dad selfie funny


Holding the iPad high above your head — great selfie technique or the greatest selfie technique?


This Guy with a Birthday Llama

selfie llama public


That llama will take a selfie with you, but he will not smile.


Peyton List on a Tall Building

peyton list selfie caught




This Guy Who Loves His Hair

selfie friend caught


It’s a selfie inception!


Chevy Chase Licking Tom Arnold

christmas selfie chevy chase


I’m sure it seemed like a good idea at the time.


Selena Gomez and Ryan Seacrest

caught selena gomez and ryan seacrest selfie




These Fans at the World Cup

world cup selfie


I’m sure the ol’ "duck face half squint" got this girl a lot of likes on Instagram.


Kim Kardashin in a Nail Salon

kim kardashian caught selfie


Look at that great arm extension!


Katie Holmes at a Product Launch

katie holmes selfie caught


Duck Face Level: 99


This Guy Eating Fries

selfie public eating funny


He’s loving’ it.


The Biebs Sitting by Kellen Lutz

justin bieber caught taking selfie


It’s the hand to face placement that really makes this one.


Have you ever caught someone taking a super embarrassing selfie? Let us know in the comments below!

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