Chevrolet Threatens To Kill Justin Bieber On Twitter?

Yesterday Chevrolet got into a little trouble when they Retweeted  a Gaddafi/ Bieber joke from @mottbollomy, a parody Twitter account for Muse frontman and Kate Hudson baby daddy, Matt Bellamy. I know what you're thinking, someone's taking the time to parody Matt Bellamy?! Here's a look at the offending Tweet:

Whatever you think of the is clearly a joke. I mean no one seriously thinks Bieber haters consider the Biebs equal to some of the most evil men in the history of the world. The haters don't want him dead like the evil dudes. They just want him to go into hiding, living in some underground cave in Pakistan, never to be seen from again, like the evil dudes before they got killed. No RIP BIEBER. Just RIP BIEBER DERP.


Naturally @Chevrolet panicked and apologized to all of their followers, most of whom actually thought the joke was funny. Way to look even stupider!

Cut to psycho Beliebers taking to Twitter to defend The Biebs against MottBollomy, A PARODY ACCOUNT. Can we get some priorities here?

Some favorite Belieber threats:

biebernews1--put your name on the list. Tomorrow i'm gonna check it.

onlyno1belieber--we'll delete your account then!!!!! no one likes u anyway!!!!! btw nice nose (no offense)

jbiebsarmey--You haters love him. We know your secret. Honestly, you just wanna be on his penis.

GAH!!! Hardcore Beliebers. Proving once again why they are the dumbest and craziest of all fan groups.


But I guess if there's one thing we know about Beliebers, it's that they take a strong stand against Twitter death threats. Unless they are directed at Selena Gomez. Who I hope goes gangsta on their asses one day!


What do you think? Do you think it was just a stupid joke or was it inappropriate? Do you think some of Bieber's fans are more annoying than he is? Let me know @desijedeikin or in the comments below!

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