China Launches Communist Version Of Twitter

Watch out guys, that Commie China is up to it again.

China has launched its own version of Twitter called "Red Microblog."

It's a lot like Twitter minus the free speech, sarcastic remarks, humor, and debate stirring comments. I mean, don't get me wrong you can say anything you want on Red Microblog as long as you are praising Chariman Mao, the many virtures of China and the Communist party.

Finally the Chinese people have a safe place for propaganda, and heavily censored quotes. Freedom at last!

If you log into Red Microblog you will see fortune cookie style messages like:

"Work hard, be honest and treat others well"

Sure it's not the first Twitter style site to hit China, they even have Twitter though it remains heavily censored and technically banned, though a lot of Chinese still use it.

If they wanted to make it really communist, they would make sure everyone got the same amount of followers. Maybe then I'd have more than 10. What do you think about China's Red Microblog? Tell us in the comments below!


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