The Cleavage Caddy

Internet, I bring you the Cleavage Caddy.


It looks similar to those things that attach to a car’s visor to hold CDs and other things you feel compelled to store at eye level. And if you are a female, seriously looking to store things at eye level, there is no better place than in your cleavage, for obvious reasons.


The female packs her Cleavage Caddy contraption with all her valuables, and then affixes it to the inside of her bra. Medium fits 38C and under and large fits 38D.


But I’m guessing the cleavage of a female wearing a 38D, can probably hold just about anything on its own without assistance. The regular Cleavage Caddy has some lace detailing for some additional sexiness.



The Cleavage Caddy II is a little simpler, no pretty lace...


...but some extra storage for your schoolbooks, laptop, and lunch.  JK.


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